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At a minimum, a Separation Agreement must make provisions for the following: Division of any and all real estate in the possession of either party, whether acquired before or during the marriage, including after separation Division of any and all personal property in the possession of either party Division of all debts in the name…(Read More)

Amy Saunders

  Attorney Amy Saunders provides free divorce advice to the public. ¬†[pl_button type=”success” link=”” target=”blank”]Click here to send Amy a question[/pl_button] and Attorney Saunders will post the answer to your question in the list below. All questions and answers remain anonymous. If you would like…(Read More)

How to file for divorce in Massachusetts by Amy Saunders, Esq To file for a divorce in Massachusetts, you will need the follow the 8 steps below. If you have any questions after reading this – please feel free to email our office your¬†questions. We are happy to help free of charge and without any…(Read More)