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Attorney’s Guide to the Brooke Courthouse Boston


This is a quick guide for clients that will be presenting for a case at the Brooke Courthouse Boston. This will provide you will most of the information you will need for parking, meals and basic needs for you day in court.

The facilities tend to be a little chilly in winter, so plan ahead and bring something to keep warm if you tend to get cold easily.  The facility is air-conditioned for the summer months.

Address and Hours

Edward W. Brooke Courthouse Boston
24 New Chardon Street
Boston, MA 02114

The court is open 8:30am to 4:30pm

Severe Weather or Emergencies

If there is severe weather or other local emergencies and you need to call to determine if the Brook Courthouse Boston is open, please call 617-788-8480 after 7:00am for a recorded announcement.  Always consult with your attorney to confirm.


There is no public parking available at the courthouse. The parking options are privately owned at your own expense. There are metered spaces on the streets – however due to limited availability you will usually need to park at the local garages which within 1 – 5 minutes walking distance and the cost is usually around $35/day.

Government Center Parking Garage [3 minute walk] ~ $35/day
Click here for the website  |   Click here for directions

Propark Boston Garage Longfellow [5 minute walk]   $35/day
Click here for the website | Click here for directions

Public Transportation

You can reach the vicinity of the Brook Courthouse Boston via MBTA subway and bus routes, as well as via the Commuter Rail. You will disembark the Green Line, Orange Line or Bus at the Haymarket Station. Click here for routes.

It is strongly recommended that you check with the MBTA’s website to make sure you receive their updated routes. They offer a Trip Planner, which enables users to get personalized recommendations.

Cellular/Smart Phone Policy 

Cellular/smart phones are permitted in this courthouse, but all devices must be turned off when you are in the courtroom or they may be confiscated.

Coffee and Breakfast 

There is a small store in the first floor of the courthouse. It has some very basic breakfast and lunch options. If you would like something better, I have listed a great coffee shop and chain restaurant that are within close walking distance.

CuppaCoffee [2 minute walk] The closest option (across the street) to grab a coffee and breakfast would be CuppaCoffee. Finding a seat may be difficult, so plan on taking your order to-go. The reviews are positive on-line at above 4.5 stars. You can also view their menu here. They open up at 7am. 1 Merrimac St  Boston, MA 02114

Au Bon Pain [2 minute walk] (Opens at 6am) Free Wi-Fi
This location serves breakfast and lunch.
Click here for information on this location.


CuppaCoffee [2 minute walk] If you want to grab something different for lunch, CuppaCoffee does offer Australian Meat Pies. Click here to check out their menu.

Au Bon Pain [2 minute walk]  Click here for directions on Google Maps

Porter’s Bar and Grill [3 minute walk] (Opens 11:30am for lunch) Website

Boston Beer Works [4 minute walk] (Opens at 11 am for lunch)  Website


There is an ATM machine about a block away. Click here for directions on Google Maps (for Brooke Courthouse Boston).

If you find any changes or additional information that may help future clients – please send us an email.

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