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by Attorney Amy Saunders Everyone considering or filing for a Divorce should consider these points. These are all based on real experiences with my clients — which are being passed along to you to save significant time and money. 1. Do NOT Fight Over the Flat Screen TV. This is a common argument, whether it…(Read More)

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by Attorney Amy Saunders To locate Massachusetts divorce records you will need to know which county the divorce took place, as well as the names of the parties involved. 1) The first step is to determine the county in Massachusetts where the divorce was filed — this is where the copies will be located (1922-present…(Read More)

how to file for divorce in ma

To determine which of the fourteen (14) probate and family courts to file for divorce in Massachusetts use the links below to locate your town or city. The first step to file for divorce in Massachusetts is to enter an action for divorce in the probate court in the county where either party lives, however…(Read More)

At a minimum, a Separation Agreement must make provisions for the following: Division of any and all real estate in the possession of either party, whether acquired before or during the marriage, including after separation Division of any and all personal property in the possession of either party Division of all debts in the name…(Read More)

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  Attorney Amy Saunders provides free divorce advice to the public.  [pl_button type=”success” link=”” target=”blank”]Click here to send Amy a question[/pl_button] and Attorney Saunders will post the answer to your question in the list below. All questions and answers remain anonymous. If you would like…(Read More)

How to file for divorce in Massachusetts by Amy Saunders, Esq To file for a divorce in Massachusetts, you will need the follow the 8 steps below. If you have any questions after reading this – please feel free to email our office your questions. We are happy to help free of charge and without any…(Read More)